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Mobile Water Filtration Services

Midland • Odessa • College Station • Bryan • McAllen • Rio Grande Valley

We are a mobile emergency water filtration provider located in Midland, Texas. We supply clean water, anywhere, and anytime for emergencies, temporary facilities, transient camps, events, concerts, and more, using virtually any source of water available in the area. 

We understand the importance of safe, clean drinking water when a fire, flood, hurricane, or other disaster happens. Sourcing safe water can be a daunting logistical nightmare, but not with Firewater, LLC.


With our mobile reverse osmosis systems, we help keep first responders and those affected by the disaster hydrated so that they can fight longer and stronger. Our water filtration trailers are portable, lockable, and on a secure platform that is ready for short or long-term use. And bonus, our water filtration trailers help eliminate thousands of plastic water bottles.

The Process

Having access to units such as Firewater’s reverse osmosis and purification system in a portable, lockable and secure platform with just a phone call, can be the answer. Also a fixed source of energy is not required to operate this equipment, we are capable of optionally providing mobile water purifiers that run on either solar energy or standard fuel driven power generators. We have found using multiple smaller units dispersed around an affected area is more practical than having a very large centrally located unit. As human nature dictates peak demands and usages, multiple units can eliminate lines and shortages of pre-filtered water in mornings and evenings, and allows for smaller power supplies. If using a “ water tender truck” to gather feedstock water from remote creeks and rivers, it creates more water feedstock storage.

Re-purpose 100% Compostable Plant-Based Clear Cold Cup

One way we help get rid of the waste is by using 100% Compostable Plant-Based cups. These cups are:

  • Eco friendly disposable cups are 100% compostable, BPI certified, and BPA Free.

  • Generates less CO2 than traditional clear plastic cups.

  • Made from plants, not petroleum. Printed with Vegetable-Based Inks, not oil based inks.

  • Re-purpose compostable cups are durable and made for cold beverages; Contains 50 count of 16 oz compostable clear cups.

  • Packaging may vary

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