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Our Services

midland tx covid electrostatic fogging

COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

COVID-19 disinfecting services midland texas

​Firewater provides an affordable way to make your business antimicrobial for up to 90 days. Our COVID-19 disinfecting services offer long-term antimicrobial surface and air protection.


Our electrostatic disinfection kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7), and also eliminates mold, mildew, fungi, allergens, and odors and continues to do so for months!

We also disinfect HVAC systems too!

"We had FireWater come in to sanitize our home after having a life threatening experience w COVID. They are the easiest and nicest people to work with and we feel confident having an extra layer of protection in our home! Thank u so very much." - Jill

Our Water Filtration Services

Firewater, LLC is a mobile emergency water filtration provider located in Midland, Texas. We supply clean water, anywhere, and anytime for emergencies, temporary facilities, transient camps, events, concerts, and more, using virtually any source of water available in the area.
Our Texas mobile reverse osmosis water filtration trailers are ideal for emergencies, events, and more!

How We Help

reverse osmosis midland texas

Has there been a fire in your area, or other disaster like a flood or hurricane and it caused a water shortage? At Firewater we provide a turnkey solution to the logistical problems involved in searching for, acquiring, and then shipping in pallets of water from sources and then having to manage the prodigious amounts of waste created.


We understand the importance of safe, clean drinking water when a fire, flood, hurricane, or other disaster happens. Sourcing safe water can be a daunting logistical nightmare, but not with Firewater, LLC.


With our mobile reverse osmosis systems, we help keep first responders and those affected by the disaster hydrated so that they can fight longer and stronger. Our water filtration trailers are portable, lockable, and on a secure platform that is ready for short or long-term use. And bonus, our water filtration trailers help eliminate thousands of plastic water bottles.


If you’re in need of a mobile water filtration system in Midland, Odessa, College Station, or Bryan, Texas, please contact us for your free quote.

“Run by phenomenal humans.”

- JoAnna

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